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Verify Certificates

Verify Academic & Work-Experience Certificates and CVs on Blockchain in a transparent & tamper-proof manner


Upload a file to verify:

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How Does Verifier Works?

  • The Certifying Authority registers the authorized certificate on eSealer.
  • The eSealer calculates a hash value using a Secure Hashing Algorithm (Cryptography) and send it to Edubuk's smart contract (indexed) on the mainnet of blockchain to store the record.
  • The Verifier takes a Certificate file, calculates it's hash value and send it to Edubuk's smart contract on the mainnet, which takes this filehash and searches for that hash value.
  • If the hash value is matched with a value stored with the Edubuk's Smart Contract on the mainnet, then a verified record result is shown in green color.
  • But if the certificate is either tampered or forged: whose record is not present on the blockchain, will get an error in red color.
  • If a certificate record is shown to be Verified, you can also lookup for the exact Institute/College/University who was the official "Certifying Authority" by mapping the address of "Certificate Issuer Account" using the "Certificate Issuer Lookup" button, provided above.

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